List of Major League Baseball Catchers

Complete Baseball Catcher Index (1871-2010)
Henry Yaik to Frank Zupo
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No Catchers' Names of X
Yaik, Henry
Yankowski, George
Yantz, George
Yaryan, Yam
Yeager, George
Yeager, Steve
Yelle, Archie
Yewcic, Tom
York, Rudy
Yost, Ned
Young, Russ
Youngblood, Joel
Yvars, Sal
Zahner, Fred
Zalusky, Jack
Zaun, Gregg
Zearfoss, Dave
Zeile, Todd
Zeller, Bart
Zies, Bill
Zimmer, Chief
Zimmer, Don
Zimmerman, Jerry
Zinn, Frank
Zinter, Alan
Zupo, Frank
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Players shown in BLUE are NOT career catchers, but caught at least 1 game in their career

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